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IBID Chemistry, 3rd Edition

IBID Chemistry, 3rd Edition

ISBN-13: 9781876659080
ISBN-10: 1876659084
Author: John Green and Sadru Damji
Publisher: IBID Press Sep 1, 2007
Format: Book with CD
Dimension: 216 x 280mm
Pages: 559
Teamway Price: S$120.40

Product Description:

The 3rd edition of the text features a larger page size and enhanced page layout. Colour illustrations are much improved to complement the text and there are student exercises at the end of each chapter. Each text comes with a complimentary student CD that contains the full text in PDF format, illustrative animations of important chemical processes, answers to the exercises in text, summaries of the chapter in PDF format and a photo gallery with related discussion topics.

Short Description:

Respected authors John Green and Sadru Damji have collaborated to create this extensively reworked and revised edition of their popular IBID text - Chemistry. Once again, there is clear keying of the text to the syllabus (2007), such a successful feature of previous editions.


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Additional Information

FORMAT Book with CD
ISBN-10 1876659084
ISBN-13 9781876659080
Dimensions 216 x 280mm
Author John Green and Sadru Damji
Publisher Company IBID Press
About Author

Dr John Green has been involved with the IB since joining Kristin School, New Zealand, in 1987, after extensive teaching experience in the U.K. at Repton and Manchester Grammar School. John is involved in IB Chemistry as an assistant examiner at HL and previously at SL, as a setter of examination questions and, under the previous programme, he was overall moderator for the SL practical programme. In this role he was involved in a small way with the production of the new syllabus.

Dr Sandru Damji has been IB Deputy Chief Examiner, Principal Moderator for Internal Assessment in Chemistry, Science Curriculum Development Committee and Chemistry Subject Committee member responsible for writing the earlier IB Subject Guide. 



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